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The Bewitching, How it Started Part 3

By this time Twilight had come out. There were also a few great films I had watched that focused on relationships. One of my favorite TV shows at the time was the first season of Nip/tuck because of the dynamics of the relationships between the characters. Buffy the Vampire Slayer had also just ended not long before. While I had hated Spike in the earlier seasons, his love and hate relationship with Buffy in the later seasons was interesting.

There’s something about good or evil characters that have the duality of struggling with their other side that I enjoy. The bad guy trying to do good, or the good guy struggling with the dark side of himself, always catches my attention. I found that dynamic in Buffy with those two characters amazing. My favorite scene was in the last episode where Buffy tells Spike she loves him, and the straightforwardness in his response was gut wrenching yet honest. You could see in his eyes he wanted it to be true even though his words said the opposite. Buffy’s words were in the same vain. That duality was something I wanted to explore, not only with acting, but with writing. There were so many thoughts and “what if’s” that could be going on in a characters head. Another film that hit somewhat close to home was the Notebook. There were parts of that movie that were very similar to my first relationship, including the differences in social status and class, and a relationship that ended abruptly without a word.

With the nice response to my first erotic story I decided I wanted to write another one. Part of my want to write another was a result of what I was seeing in those shows and films. What drew me to those films and shows was the push and pull dynamic of the relationships. The wanting of one another, yet the pushing away for another reason. It was a whole range of push and pull with love as we all experience. I wanted to see if I could write not only the event but all the anticipation, intensity, and worries that lead up to such an event. I wanted the story to be something people could relate to in their own lives. Within a few days I had written a beach scene. There was nothing erotic about it. It was merely a short chapter about a girl and her desire to find the one…to find love.

At that point my life had gotten a bit hectic. I had started going back to school for a drafting and design degree. The degree focused not only architecture and engineering, but also included classes on Photoshop and 3D modeling programs. I thought I could later use these programs not only for a decent job, but in my spare time to incorporate into any filmmaking I wanted to do. Most of my time was spent working a job. When I wasn’t working I was at a coffee-house studying for school. I didn’t have a lot time to do any writing until a few years later when I finally graduated.

Afterwards with the economy crashing, jobs for drafting and designers had almost disappeared. Architects were jumping for the lower end jobs just to make income which made them difficult for someone new and not as knowledgeable to compete. Knowing some web coding and having my design degree, I started up an online business. I began to teach myself programming along with taking a few classes in MySQL and PHP. With the internet business being less time-consuming than actually learning to program, I found myself with time to return to writing. I missed seeing shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Twilight had become a huge success. I thought it might be fun to write a show that I could imagine being filmed in that manner. I wasn’t sure where to start though. That’s when I thought of my beach scene from what was supposed to be an erotic novel.

What I had written resembled an opening romance scene. With just a few tweaks to the end of the chapter I had my first chapter written. I wanted something that would intrigue, not only some older Buffy fans, but that of a younger crowd. The vampire thing seemed to have been over done at that point. I thought changing the vampires to something such as angels might be a little more appropriate and original. I included a bit of the paranormal into the story. I also added quantum physics, eastern and new age philosophy, and the premise of how we’re all connected through energy. That would be my explanation of witchcraft used to create the world. Finally, for the characters I could draw a little from personal experiences and my writings on relationships. I even used the personalities of some friends to make them a bit more extravagant. The writing just kind of flowed for the most part, with each part I wrote creating ideas for the next.

That’s how I started. A little under two years later I had my first fully written novel. What started off as blogging about life and relationships evolved to the start of an erotic story. This then changed to a young adult story of love and betrayal, set in a world where we’re all connected through energy and surrounded by paranormal possibilities. Looking back at how it all worked out to writing that first novel, I notice life has a strange way of weaving to and fro as we journey through it…

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Martin Douglas is the author of The Bewitching novels. He also enjoys filmmaking, acting, and writing scripts although his time is also split between those passions and programming and web design.

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