The Bewitching Novels by Martin Douglas

The Bewitching Video Intro

This is a short video intro of the title I threw together for the title of the The Bewitching book series. Hopefully in the coming future I’ll have some time to film some scenes from the book that I think are the most interesting if I can find some willing victims…I mean participants.

I will be using this sequence as part of the trailer that’s already been shot and is in the post production stage. The idea for this intro was partly inspired by the TV show Supernatural, and the creative titles they use and change up every season that’s related to the series. I thought doing something similar was somewhat fitting for The Bewitching book series.

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Martin Douglas

Martin Douglas is the author of The Bewitching novels. He also enjoys filmmaking, acting, and writing scripts although his time is also split between those passions and programming and web design.

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