The Bewitching Novels by Martin Douglas

The Bewitching Novel

The Bewitching Novel by Martin Douglas

The Bewitching is a love story of past lives, heartbreak and romance, and the battle between good and evil that has played out since the beginning of time. Our story asks the question, what if everything around us is not as it seems? What if angels and demons walked among us or the myths of the supernatural and the monsters among them all contained varying degrees of truth? And most importantly, what if certain humans had unlocked their true potential to wield incredible powers that we often call magic?

Our story begins with Elyssa, a young and beautiful woman, who’s life seems stuck in a rut and who is haunted by dreams of a mysterious man in a cove. When she discovers he actually exists her world is turned upside down. Who is he, and where did he come from? She slowly begins having visions of past lives which seem mysteriously entwined with his but she doesn’t know why. For reasons unknown to her, he refuses to share what he knows and what occurred in their past lives together.

Her discovery is complicated upon meeting Annette, Alicia and their dog Tobias. She soon learns that they too were from her past lives and have a secret of their own. They happen to be witches, and Elyssa finds that she possessed similar powers herself that she’s long since forgotten. She finds her dull existence has finally taken a turn for the excitement and adventure she craved, but is it more than she can handle and worth the cost of her life?

As she begins to unlock her long dormant and forgotten powers the battle between good and evil erupts around her. She’s being hunted for reasons that she doesn’t understand by creatures she never knew existed. While she tries to comes to terms with this new, hidden world, her past lives, and the potential of her magical powers, she learns the man from her dreams, whom she finds herself strangely attracted to, holds a dark secret of his own.

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