The Bewitching Novels by Martin Douglas

The Bewitching – Midsummer Aine Novel

The Bewitching Midsummer Aine Novel by Martin Douglas

It’s been several months since Elyssa first learned of her powers and fought off the demons that attacked her and her friends. The winter months have come and gone, and spring is now upon them. Elyssa, a witch, spends her nights thinking of the mysterious man named Dantes who is doomed to become a demon. She hasn’t seen him since shortly after their last battle. The ring Dantes’ left her from their past lives has brought more questions than answers, and her heart is torn between the man she’s with and this man from her past.

Destined to cross paths once again, she learns many things in Dantes’ life have changed since they’ve last seen one another. As she struggles with this newfound knowledge, a new enemy makes their presence known and their only hope is a black book of spells. There’s a catch though, as the book requires every spell cast to balance both the good and evil it releases. As new secret’s are unveiled, the race to find the book begins.

Dantes makes a journey north with his new companion in search of the fabled book of spells, leaving the others to fend off their new opponent. Little do they know that Elyssa is hiding something of her own that puts everyone’s life in peril. As they prepare, and a new partner joins their group and a glimpse of their future tells of a foreboding end.

As they each battle for their lives among alternate realities, and fend of mythical creatures from other lands, they must hope they can change the future. What choices will they make, and can those choices even effect the outcome? In the end, faced with overwhelming despair they’ll have to make the ultimate sacrifice that could change the fate of everyone involved.

The Bewitching – Midsummer Aine is the second book in The Bewitching series. It follows the romance between Elyssa and Dantes, a witch and soon to be demon. As they battle against demons and human myths come to life, along with their companions Alicia, Annette, and Tobias, they must also battle the love/hate relationship they find with each other. If you find yourself a fan of character driven stories in a place that mixes myths, magic, fantasy, love and desire, and the so many other amazing emotions and wonders that make us human…well then I hope my story inspires those same feelings all over again.

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