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The Bewitching Character Contest

The Bewitching character contest is now on! Anyone who’s read The Bewitching and checked out the website will have noticed the character page has pictures of how I envisioned my characters. Let’s add some more! The pictures used were from those who I knew that resembled The Bewitching characters both physically and personality wise, in some cases because I based them loosely off of friends.

While the demon character isn’t a main character per say in the first book, he does play a larger role in the following books based on what I have in mind for the story. What I’d like to do is add some pictures of the sub characters. Currently we have the 3 demons mentioned in Chapter 8 that have yet to have pictures I can place on the site.

For the women, have no fear! While for the time being this leaves them out of the contest, there will be two more characters introduced in the later chapters. Both have small parts in this book, but will have larger stories in the second, and possibly third book. This means that both male and females will have a chance to have their pictures featured as a character on the website. If pictures aren’t your thing I have a few more ideas for future contests that revolve around writing too!

With that said, here are the rules for the contest! Check out the character descriptions in Chapter 8 of The Bewitching. If you’re a guy, and you fit the description of one of the demon characters, take a picture. Make sure it’s a clear shot and not fuzzy. Send a message to The Bewitching Fan Page on Facebook. Feel free to use makeup or whatever else you can think of to make yourself resemble the character, including the style of dress you see the character in. Include the name of the character you believe you most closely resemble in the subject line. Also include your own name so we can give you credit if the picture is chosen.

If you’re a female you can still participate. Do you know a friend who you think would be perfect for one of the demon characters? Get a picture and send it in. Include one of yourself so we can share who helped us find the perfect character to match the ones in the book! Also ask the guy you took the picture of to give us a like on our Fan page just so we know we have his permission to use his picture if it’s chosen.

We’ll list the winners and runners-up on our blog. The winners will be put into the slide show of characters for The Bewitching novels on our website. Since we’re still in the process of marketing the book, and we’d like to give everyone a chance to be included, we’ll likely pick the winners around the end of August or beginning of September. That gives everyone a nice amount of time to be included and to find out about the contest. So spread the word and become a character in The Bewitching Novels!

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Martin Douglas is the author of The Bewitching novels. He also enjoys filmmaking, acting, and writing scripts although his time is also split between those passions and programming and web design.

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