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Martin Douglas – Writer, Actor, Filmmaker

Martin Douglas is the author of The Bewitching and a long time fan of great stories that focus on people and their relationships to one another. His inspiration comes from life, deep love stories like The Notebook, and writers like Joss Whedon who have so seamlessly been able to blend the relationships of people with amazing worlds, where the inner struggles and duality of the characters drive the mystical places around them.

Martin grew up in the mid-west. He holds a degree in drafting and design, is a self-taught computer programmer/web designer, along with experience both behind and in front of the camera. His time is currently split between writing his second and follow-up novel to The Bewitching and developing a website to make it easier for others interested in the various arts to share their work with others and partner together on projects, at which point he’ll be looking to focus more of his time in front of and behind the camera on film projects.

You can contact Martin Douglas at or send a message on the Contact Martin Douglas page.

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