The Bewitching Saga

The Bewitching Novels by Martin Douglas

The Bewitching Novels series written by Author Martin Douglas

The Bewitching is a tale of love that had lasted many lifetimes, a tale of the battle between angels, demons, and gifted humans who possess the knowledge of magic and the ability to manipulate the energy around us. They have lived among us in secret throughout the centuries, their feats and powers told as myths and seldom believed to be real. For one special girl, this hidden world is about to become all to real.

Elyssa is a young, beautiful woman yearning for more in life and haunted by dreams of a mysterious man who she finds herself strangely attracted to. Little does she know the man she dreams of is Dantes, a love from past lives centuries ago, and formerly an angel now with a dark secret of his own. Their fates are once again entwined as Elyssa begins to learn about the pieces of her past lives and the powers she actually possesses.

Long forgotten friendships are reformed with those from her past, along with enemies that appear out of nowhere and want her dead. Can Elyssa learn to yield her newfound magical powers and become powerful enough to protect herself from the demons that now wish to end her life at any cost? Through all of this an even bigger secret lurks, that of her past and the role Dantes played in it.

If your heart jumps at the thought of a Buffy the Vampire Slayer reunion, you fell in love with The Notebook, or you can’t wait until the next Beautiful Creatures movie, then this book is sure to tickle your fancy. Read the first two books and several chapters of the third book on WATTPAD.

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